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Company Profile

S2 Tech have over 20 years experience designing multimedia products for the broadcast, leisure, entertainment, coin operated gaming, consumer electronics, manufacturing and retail industries.

Our projects have been used in a wide range of IT and software engineering and publishing environments. These include internet, application development, real-time embedded systems, digital satellite communications and military systems. As well a high level they also have extensive experience of low level, firmware, embedded, hardware and silicon skills.

Coin-Op and Online Gaming

We have been designing products for the coin operated amusement and gaming industries since the late 1980s.

Our game content has been installed on a wide variety of platforms including PCs, fruit machines and touch screen consoles.

Military and Defence Work

Defence work regularly requires senior staff at S2Tech to obtain various levels of security clearance including S/C and B/C.

Public Sector and Emergency Services

Our professional services division works with a number of high profile public bodies and sub-contractors for government departments. These projects range from TETRA radio services for the emergency services, civil enforcement products and information services for regional police forces.

Multimedia - Internet - E-Commerce - CBT - E-Learning

With over 20 years of multimedia and animation experience we deliver cutting edge multimedia products for a wide range of industrial sectors.


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