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We have a wide range of clients all over the UK and Europe. They range from blue chip multinationals such as Sony, Hitachi, Racal, STMicroelectronics to small independent enterprises.

A selection of our major clients are listed below:

Marks & Spencer Plc, Middlesex and Baker Street, London • Racal-Datacom, Paris, France • SEGA Corp • Hitachi Micro Systems Europe Ltd, Thames Valley • PMedia, Bath • Local2All, Bath, Somerset • Boomerang Games, West Midlands • STMicroelectronics Ltd, Bristol • UK ISP • British Steel Plc, Scunthorpe, South Humberside • FatSpanner • Racal-Airtech Systems Management & Security Ltd, Bucks • Activision UK Ltd • Code Masters • Players Software • Power House • Hi-Tech Engraving Ltd • Protip Signs Ltd • DISC Ltd • PCP Micro Products, Bath • Solstice Systems Ltd, Wiltshire • Brunel Technics Ltd, Bristol • Avon Education Authority, Avon • JRM Software, Wiltshire• Alien Leisure Ltd, London

What our clients say

Feedback and references from some of our clients are shown below.

Gloucestershire Constabulary, South Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Constabulary, South Gloucestershire

Jim Hankins, System Administrator, HQ Finance, Gloucestershire Constabulary

Imperial Business Systems, Bristol

Hilary Roberts, Software Development Director, Imperial Business Systems, Bristol

Mirifice, Bath

Alex Dick, Technical Director, Mirifice, Bath

Digital TV Labs, Bristol

Keith Potter, Director, Digital TV Labs, Bristol

Midas Corporate Consulting Ltd, London

Andrew Pegg MRICS, Managing Director, Midas Corporate Consulting Ltd, London

School Funds, Wiltshire

Paul Daykin, Director, School Funds, Wiltshire